Welcome to the World Wide Web of Foodies!

I’ve been around long enough to remember what life was like before the internet. When you actually had to go the the library to research facts and check out books. If you wanted to buy merchandise that wasn’t available locally, you ordered it from the Sears catalog or called the store and ordered it from a real person. My husband and I were discussing this with our teenagers who could NOT grasp this concept no matter how hard they tried. We felt like Ma & Pa Kettle sittin’ on the porch swing rambling on about the good ole days. It’s funny, as crazy and sped up as the world has become, I LOVE living in these times. The internet still seems magical to me. Press a button and you’re talking with someone on the other side of the planet or you’ve just purchased a new set of mixing bowls on QVC. Hey, that IS pretty cool!  Back in the day, you had to travel to foreign lands to meet people and experience other cultures…or at least have a pen pal. When I was in high school, our family was very involved in AFS (American Field Service) where we had the opportunity to host an array of international exchange students. I remember our annual fundraiser:  “The Foreign Food Fair”.  Booths were set up in the high school cafeteria with flags and foods of different countries.  I still remember Mrs. Antoniades’ baklava representing Greece ~ pure sticky honey heaven! This was a great way for us to celebrate cultures of far away lands. Nowadays, all those countries seem a little bit closer…in fact, just a click away. I’m finding this out BIG time.

During the last 15 months, I’ve noted that people from more that 24countries are following Back to the Kitchen. Just this past week, folks from Nigeria, the Philippines, Pakistan, Chile, & Malaysia have all come on board ~ THAT blows my mind!  Our top 5 countries thus far, in order, are: The United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, & India.  It’s very exciting to have a world wide community in the kitchen, but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. You’ve heard of the international language of love? Well, I’m thinking the love of food may conquer all.

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