Brother Brian’s Citrus Salmon

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by Nancy Newcomer

All my siblings are cooks. When we get together, that’s what we do!  During a recent visit, my brother took over and, as usual, made something spectacular…salmon.  He calls himself a “freestyle” cook, and to be honest, that’s really how most of us “roll”. When I first started this blog, it was annoying to me to actually have to write a recipe out to share, because most of my cooking changes up every time I make something. My brother’s philosophy is the same: “Use what you got…know your ingredients”…yup. Earlier that day, he picked oranges, lemons, & limes from our mom’s back yard…then after a little snooping in the cupboards & pantry, a new recipe was born. Of  course, he wouldn’t call it  a recipe, it’s just how he cooks.  Truth be told, I wrote it out using  a little bit of my own sleuthing and asking a few questions, because, in his words, he’s “the cooking dissident”.  I would agree.

Brother Brian’s Citrus Salmon


2 lbs Salmon fillets, wild caught

1 TB olive oil

½ sweet onion sliced

1 poblano pepper sliced

1-2 oranges sliced

cracked pepper to taste

lemon juice

lime juice

1)Pre-heat oven to 350.
2) On a baking sheet lined with *parchment paper, lay salmon fillets skin side down.
3) Brush with olive olive oil, Place onion, poblano, and orange slices on top of fillets.
4) Crack pepper on top.
5) Bake for 15-20 minutes ~look for “white fat coming out of the fish~the fish should feel like your chin” –this is a direct quote from my brother.
6) Pull out of oven, let sit for 5-10 minutes, serve with fresh lemon and lime juice.

*We’re BIG fans of cooking on parchment paper–easy clean-up and seems to make everything brown up nice.

After cooking...yum! After cooking…yum!


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