Greening up the Kitchen

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by Nancy Newcomer

Earth Day has come and gone, but really, we should be “living green” every day. Here are few new habits you can implement that will move you toward a healthier, sustainable & “greener” lifestyle. Feel free to add more ideas to the list in the comments section. I LOVE to hear from you. NN

*Buy dry goods and herbs  in the Bulk to reduce the use of excess packaging–often, it’s cheaper too.

*Buy local fruits and vegetables in season rather than those that have been imported from another country.

*Avoid buying produce that’s been packaged in styrofoam &  plastic–there’s no reason for this and it baffles me why this is ever done in the first place!

*Quit relying on takeout food. If you succumb, find a restaurant that uses compostable packaging and avoid using plastic straws.

*Learn to cook some really simple, really fast meals so you won’t be tempted by fast food.

*Cook once/ Eat Twice–Cook in double batches so you can freeze a second dinner for another night when it’s tempting to pick up take-out.

*Find a local butcher that uses butcher paper instead of buying your meat cuts on Styrofoam.

*Find a source for local meat and eggs.

*Switch to glass storage containers instead of plastic.

*Get rid of your Teflon coated pots and pans.

*Use a dish cloth instead of paper towels.

*Bring fewer containers into your home. Recycle those that you can’t reuse.

*Compost your food waste.

*Make your own salad dressing to cut down on all those extra bottles taking up room in your fridge–btw, I’ve got a great recipe on my website for you)

*Switch to bulk teas that can be made with a tea strainer. No bags, no packaging, and no risk of ingesting plastic.

*Consider using a “french press” or any other non-plastic method of making coffee.

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